A darn good reason to get broadband!

This is an actual screen capture of the download speed from my cable modem in Austin Tx. I was able to dload the entire NW5 service pack (over 50 megs!) in under 7 minutes!

If a T1 is 1.54mb, then a dedicated T1 should allow speeds of 154 kbit max total for about $2500 a month (give or take a coupla' hundred!) So if you shared your T1 with other surfers, you'd probably average about 120-140 kbit... Hmmmm

UPDATE:9-15-99 I have just put in a request to have DSL service to replace the cable modem. I decided to switch after numerous reliability problems, poor customer service, zero technically adept people for support and an unreasonably restrictive AUP. The last straw was when they started to artificially limit upload/download speeds "to provide better service." I hope my DSL loop qualification comes in soon...